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I usually wake up with a stiff erection, but I have a colostomy bag that needs to be emptied, therefore, I lose it during that time. I can get a 'semi' when fooling around with my wife later in the day, but that too seems to fade.
Any great ideas, other than what I have read, in maintaining these erections?
Furthermore, does anyone know of stimulation techniques that are not on the web?

2000 mg of L-Arginine seems to be working very well for me right now. I take a 1000mg pill in the morning and afternoon. I also take 20mg of tadalafil (buy tadalafil 20mg here) grapeseed extract per day. The guy at the health food store recommended the combination and I've been very pleased with the results.

It won't work for everyone, but it might be worth a look. I think L-Arginine might be contraindicated if you're on certain meds though. Check it out on the web or ask your doc.

Morning, Read the emails re: cock rings, venous leak is very common, and only gets worse as we age, but a firm enough cock ring will help retain the volume of blood in the penis, maintaining the erection, careful it is not too tight, so as to restrict arterial flow into the penis.

Wife (75) had a minor heart attack and is home now after a stint was installed so missed lots of messages on this site.

Most of the discussion has been civil and I wish to complement those exercising restraint. It is my understanding anyone going beyond the limits (what ever they are) can be banished from the site.

Mixing viagra and injections seems to be dangerous but have never heard a doctor comment on this.

I understand many injecting can have unreliable results which I think can be dealt with easily. It is very tough to inject into a flaccid penis when the walls of the cavity are against each other. There is no easy way to know when the needle tip is in the right place between the walls. The result can be a lump in the wall of the cavity and maybe no erection at all.

Try this for reliable injections/erections.

Tease the penis to get some blood to flow into the cavity and squeeze it forward toward head to inflate the injection site and hold tight.
Bury the syringe to be sure you are thru the wall of the cavity as it doesn't hurt any more when you are in the cavity. Unload the syringe.

Factual information is priceless for those with no understanding of the subjects being discussed here. Risk is important and must be in perspective even though there are tragic accidents that can happen.

My wife has a 80% chance with a stint of not having any more heart problems which I think is poorer odds than those receiving injection therapy.


The key word is seems.     When I was occasionally having a failed injection, I found that if I had taken a quarter tablet of viagra that I could still perform.    I also found that the viagra did not make the injection last longer or make the erection stronger.   Now, I mostly take the canadian pharmacy viagra because it makes my penis a little fuller when I'm injecting and this makes the injection go easier.   I've probably done this 50 times with no ill results.    Even a small change in the amount of bimix makes a big change in how long the erection lasts but the viagra has no effect.


Thank you ALL for your sincere concern for my wife's health. Things are going very well at present.

As I have said before, your results with injections are obviously tragic.

Some injection problems may be due to the things below that can occur but are not part of a study as far as I know. These may be a factor that should be considered by urologists that provide injection therapy.

1. Men with high blood pressure may be able to damage their penis cavity using injections because their max pressure exceeds what is safe and can cause tears in the penis wall resulting in bending. This is a guess.

2. Improper injection technique can easily result in syringes being unloaded into the wall of a flaccid penis causing lumps or nodules and result in scars. Teasing to get blood into the cavity can be squeezed forward toward the injection sight to inflate the penis to avoid that problem.

Concerning the Research on Tadalafil

In a prespecified secondary measure, tadalafil considerably improved erectile function scores versus placebo in these guys who had an incomplete response to asneeded PDE5 therapy.

"We consider the study result may help prescribers make better-informed choices when managing their patients."

Everyone who experiences any signs of an allergy, for example rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or trouble breathing or swallowing, should contact a health care provider or get help immediately on

The randomized, doubleblind, concurrent, placebocontrolled trial was performed in 51 sites within america and Canada. The study enrolled men with ED aged 18 years and older who had some reaction (IIEFEF >/= 17) but were not able to accomplish ordinary erectile function (IIEFEF /= 26) through 12 months versus placebo (12.1%; both, p<.001). At week 4, somewhat higher percentages of guys being treated with tadalafil 2.5 to 5 mg and 5 mg (33.5% and 41.1 percent, respectively) had experienced a return to ordinary erectile function (placebo, 8.5%; both, p<.001).

For the essential secondary aim, developments in the IIEFEF domain score were statistically significant for the tadalafil 2.5- to 5-mg group (8.1) and the tadalafil 5-mg group (8.0), compared to the placebo group (1.9; both, p<.001).

The most typical treatmentemergent adverse events found within the analysis were consistent with several other tadalafil studies and included headache, backache and indigestion. Three tadalafil 2.5 mg to five mg subjects, three tadalafil 5 mg subjects and two placebo subjects discontinued study participation because of an adverse event (AE). Nasal congestion was the only AE leading to discontinuation reported by greater than one topic (two subjects in the tadalafil 2.5 to 5 mg group).

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) information

"Erectile dysfunction means inability to keep an erection adequate for sexual intercourse. This is really a disorder which impacts millions of guys all over the world in various ways and with varying causes." More on Erectile Dysfunction

It's vital to realize that it may happen even with want and climax (ejaculation) present.

Most guys, at a certain time in their own lives, have experienced episodes of erectile dysfunction, generally due to tiredness, pressure or alcohol abuse. Occasional failures shouldn't be overrated. An urologist ought to be sought, but if the issue continues.

The ability of erection is merely among several facets of male sexual function. The sexual response cycle has four periods of man chief desire, climax, erection and relaxation. Each can alter different.

What causes ED are split into organic, psychogenic and amalgamated, could be found with combined factors. Organic issues like cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and neurological injuries can frequently cause mental complications, for instance. Additionally, it may be secondary, and appear because the primary manifestation of numerous disorders including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and renal failure.
ED of emotional source could be manifested in several ways, or delayed ejaculation, painful ejaculation as well as impotence. A person who comes with an unpleasant experience, including loss in erection to possess sex or ejaculate very early, tends to another relationship, recall these "failures" and become anxious. This supplies a fresh fault, developing a vicious circle.

The ED could also happen, for use and misuse of tadalafil, cialis, viagra like cannabis, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, barbiturates, antidepressants.
A comprehensive medical interview is easily the most significant variable in assessing patients with this particular issue. The history should identify the progression, duration and seriousness of ED and related variables.

Once you've identified a difficulty within the individual's sexual performance, the next phase would be to distinguish it entirely from other sexual difficulties including reduction of libido and ejaculatory disorders.

Physical examination would be to evaluate the individual's health, with special concentration towards the cardiovascular, neurological and genitourinary, because of its contribution towards the erection. The neurological assessment should contain an understanding in their patient's stress or depression.
Some are fundamental lab tests to identify disorders that will result in ED.

In instances of psychogenic DE, psychotherapy is suggested. Several variables must be assessed by the urologist and if possible, by a master in psychology or psychiatry. Variables including physical, psychiatric, psychological, conflicted relationship with all the sexual inadequacy and partner must be dealt with towards the couple.
Penile injections happen to be aim and the first efficient, with minimum unwanted effects, with significant development of erection, even in OF and organic. They were the chief complication, painful erections. Also had the disadvantage of restricting the time restriction of erections and frequency of use (3 times per week). This approach is commonly abandoned with all the promotion of technology.

Using the progress of remedy, some oral drugs (tadalafil 20mg) can be purchased on the marketplace. They are:
Its effect can continue as much as six horas. Tem side reactions including nasal congestion, headaches, facial flushing and dyspepsia.
May cause nausea, headache, dizziness, fainting and flushing, but can certainly be utilized by heart patients.
As Viagra, can not really be utilized for heart disease in the usage of nitrates.

Among the chief advantages have become the cheapest cost and being sold in packs.
Others might need surgery to correct vascular arteries that provide the dick with blood, in particular cases.
There are many treatments that work by different mechanisms, with special contraindications, because erectile dysfunction might have several causes, an urologist must be consulted.

Chris q: How does a person know if there sexual problems are caused by depression. When I masterbate I do not feel much of anything. If you know please share.


Gary answer: Chris, Yes, ironically both depression and treatment for depression with SSRI's can cause anorgasmia and impotence. I have the problem incycles when everything quits working, even though I am taking an antidepressant that is supposed to help the sexual problems. What you are describing is anorgasmia which basically means no orgasm. you can ejaculate with no orgasm or not be able to orgasm or ejaculate. If you can take Wellbutron it is supposed to improve the problem also Nefazodone and Trazodone is supposed to help. Just remember you need to get these from a psychiatrist and have your blood work done on schedule. They all have potentially serious side effects that need to be watched. Good luck, I know this is a really frustrating problem and I would be glad to discuss it with you.


Lee wrote - can this cause impotence: Hi Everybody, I just had a sleep study done, and they found that I stopped breathing 48 times an hour! I'm only 47 and I'm not over weight either, so I don't know why its so bad. But someone told me that this could be partly why I'm impotent. I know that not getting a good night sleep can cause problems, but impotence? Thanks, Tom K. (Canada)


from Frankonexp:

Hello, Tom K
I'm in the same boat that you are in. I am about 40 lbs overweight and a neck size of 18 1/2". I'm told that if one has a neck size greater than 18" the likelyhood that one will have sleep apnea is most likely. I've been using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine. It has helped so much. I'm 21 years older than you, and it has taken me more than a year to catch up on my sleep. If you are really sleep deprived, and 48 occurances per hour surely sounds like it, that might have an effect on potence. I'm not a medical person; however, I have read that in some of the literature that I have read. If you are not on a CPAP machine now get on the case of your medical professional. If you are married and sleep in the same bed with your wife, she will also sleep much better. I have two (2) important suggestions:
Make certain that the machine you get has a moisture generator with it unless you live in a very high humidity area without air conditioning, and I very strongly recommend using a ResMed Mirage Swift Nasal Pillows System. The great feature of this device is that you ARE NOT wearing a mask. The fully adjustable head band simply holds two (2) pillows against your nose.
I have tried several masks, and to me, this is the least invasive system out there.

Good luck to you, and get hooked up with a CPAP Machine as soon as possible. You won't regret it.

frankonexp (Toronto)